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    So the original cut of Transistor being 21 tracks, it is an album that has to be listened to from front to back to be fully appreciated, which 3rd of the album do you think is the best.
    Obviously begging being “Transistor”-“What was I Thinking”, middle being “Jupiter”-“Light Years”, and ending being “Creature Feature”-“Stealing Happy Hours”. All though I think it’s pretty close, gonna have to go with the ending. Beginning and middle have better songs by them selves, hell beginning has my fav singles, the ending just has the weirdest most obscure set of songs on an already obscure album from an obscure band.
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    Use of Time
    The Continuous Life
    No Control

    That is the best 5 song stretch on the album and on ANY of their albums. Throw in a chill, obscure instrumental and the classic Light Years and you have a clear winner
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    I mean I love the whole thing, but the weird thing is my 4 least favorite tracks are in a row being Color, Light Years, Creature Feature, Tune In, and I always think of that as the middle and the middle being the weakest part. In my head I always think it’s amazing beginning, weaker middle, and solid ending, but my subconscious cutoffs would be 1-12, 13-16, 17-21 which is far from even. Sometimes I consider Running and/or Rub a Dub in the middle too but I like them quite a bit so I guess I might think of them as intermissions.

    With your cutoffs (which is the even split) it makes it a lot more interesting, because I never really think of it that way. Similarly to JukeBoxGroove, I feel like Electricity-WWIT-Jupiter-Use of Time-The Continuous Life-No Control is maybe the greatest 6 song stretch of 311 for me, and Running makes a fine 7th. But that’s split up for me in the cutoffs.

    It’s between the beginning and middle for me. Including Color and Light Years and not WWIT and Electricity in that stretch is weird to me, so I’ll go with the beginning. Plus I think the whole beginning stretch is solid, love the opening 3 together, then Beautiful Disaster as a more promoted lone-single, then Inner Light Spectrum as a cool down, then ending with two of my all time favorites.

    And the ending 7 is a strong 3rd. Love the album so much, Creature Feature-Tune In-Rub a Dub-Starshines-Strangers-Borders-SHH I’ll listen to any day.
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    This is actually pretty tough for me to answer, the album is divided in perfect 3rds, but I like the song stretch Jupiter through Creature Feature. I also really dig Color, Light Years, Creature Feature that 3 song stretch, the darker/weirder middle end section of Transistor before we bounce back into upbeat happier chill songs like Tune In, Rub a Dub, Starshines.... amazing album, enough said. I still would like 311 to release this gem Instrumental only as with what we got with Voyager, man that would be killer to hear.
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    I'd say middle, then first, then the later part of the album if I had to order them. Middle and First are toss ups but I do think the quality trails off slightly in the last 3rd of the album.
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    Jupiter -> Running fucks hard for sure

    but I’d also say Can’t Fade Me -> Eons absolutely contends with that run

    and Taiyed -> Six is a fucking beast

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