New rig video of 311

Discussion in 'The Musicians Forum' started by ninjames, Nov 2, 2017.

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    I would just like to say that I got my Mark V about 4 years ago in order to sound like Tim....... he actually plays one now... which makes me feel like Tim is now following my lead... I'm awesome!
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    Cool video. I hate that P-Nut got stuff wrong about the Warwick/Hellborg cabs. Its understandable, though. I've worked with a lot of guys who were killer players, but not gear guys. That's ok. I wish Eric would have briefed him before, but anyway...

    For the record:
    -Top bass cabs (Hellborg Hi Cabs) are 2x12" - not 10". Both 12s are coaxial.
    -Bottom bass cabs (Hellborg Big Cabs) 2x15" drivers, not 18". Bottom driver is upward-facing (not downward as-stated). It's a standard woofer. The top 15" driver is a coaxial 15" by Celestion. I asked them for information on it, but they would not provide the specs. The specs are proprietary and they will not publish them, but Warwick may. Either way, it's a killer cab. I have two of those proprietary drivers in storage because a buddy had a deal with Warwick and replaced the 15" drivers in them with more of a PA-style 15" for larger shows, and uses them as the PA cabs. Insane to me, but whatever. The speakers are mine and worth their weight in gold.

    I have a couple Hellborg Rigs. Preamp, two Hellborg power amps, Big Cab, Hi Cab, also a Club Cab +Low Cab (Club Cab + Low Cab are individual cabs with one 15" driver each., but the same drivers as the Big Cab) - and they all sound KILLER. My live rig is a Trace Elliot 18" + Hellborg Club Cab which has the 15" coaxial driver. Tone is absolutely insane.

    I can't belive P-Nut is really the only mainstream guy playing this rig live. It absolutely blows the balls off any other live rig I've set up or played through, no matter what size the stage.

    I've been doing some IT work for Warwick here in Nashville, and I saw an 18" Hellborg cab prototype in the warehouse. It never went into production. I'm going to try to buy it.
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    That video is great. I'm not a musician, but I still love seeing these guys talk about that stuff, especially Tim. He could talk about his gear all day and night it seems. You really get to see their natural personalities when they talk shop, so to speak. They're more natural in this format than in their promo interviews with radio stations, etc.
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    Sounds like Gibson might be making a Hexum model similar to that Johnny A guitar he's been using

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