Create a 15-track 311 playlist comprised of comparable production quality

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    311's albums are all over the place, production wise. Raw (Music), muddy (Grassroots, DTOM), too loud (Uplifter), too flat/quiet (Universal Pulse, Stereolithic), but then you get into this territory where the albums are similar, yet different.

    Self-title, Transistor, Soundsystem, From Chaos, Evolver, Mosaic, and Voyager all have that distinguished crispness to them. Though they are still unique in their production quality.

    Self-title and From Chaos are recorded live and have a slightly more free and raw feeling to them.

    Transistor and Soundsystem are back to back studio products. Evolver comes in with a very similar, if not self-conscious quality. Mosaic lacks low end. Voyager ups the low end a tad since Voyager, but never quite reaches the levels of Transistor, Soundsystem, or Evolver.

    Which albums have the most similar production quality? OR, if you want to be that thorough, which tracks from these albums have comparable production quality?

    Finally, what is your best 15 track 311 album across their discography that flows the best, production-wise?

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